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The Drawings and Calligraphy of Fyodor Dostoevsky


Un saggio di Konstantin Baršt


A unique edition in publishing history: Dostoevsky’s notebooks, in part never before published, reproduced for the first time in their original size and with absolute original colors. Over 200 illustrations and 150 manuscripts of the author full of sketches, “Gothic” architecture, arabesques and experiments with calligraphy. Including an essay written by their most authoritative scholar, Konstantin Barsht: a fresco of the life and creations of Dostoevsky overflowing with information; pleasant and at the same time rigorous, this volume is intended for enthusiasts, experts, and those who want to learn more about the great Russian novelist.


«A person’s face is the image of his personality, spirit and dignity»

Table of Contents

Introduction by Stefano Aloe
I. Dostoevsky’s Graphic Legacy
Childhood and Adolescence. Military Engineering School
The Composition of Dostoevsky’s Graphic Legacy
Graphic as Writing
II: Familiar Faces
Peter the Great
Vissarion Belinsky
Ivan Turgenev
Viktor Askochensky
Miguel de Cervantes and his Don Quixote
William Shakespeare
Roger Tichborne
Germaine de Staël
Michail Michaylovich and his Wife Emilia Fyodorovna
Fyodor Fyodorovich Dostoevsky
Dostoevsky’s Self-Portrait
III. Framing the “Face of an Idea”
The Crocodile
Crime and Punishment
~ The Raskolnikov family
~ Dr.“Gas”
~ “Love in humiliation between the lowliest human beings”
~ Sonya Marmeladov
~ “Reworking”, “Lizaveta”
~ The Investigator
~ Nicolas Malebranche
~ Raskolnikov and Napoleon Bonaparte
~ Two Napoleons
~ Finials
The Idiot
~ The first character of the novel
~ “Ahriman”
~ The “Son”
~ The “General”
~ St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, Napoleon Bonaparte I and Gioachino Rossini
~ Gregory the Theologian
~ The Geneva Myth
The Devils
~ “Granovsky”
~ “A raid at Stepan Trofimovich’s”
~ The “Elder” and “Rachel”
~ Karmazinov
~ Von Lembke
~ “Kartuzov-Lebyadkin”
~ “Prince Khilkov”
The Adolescent
~ Versilov
~ “Prince Seryozha”
~ The Nose
~ The “Elder”
~ Makar Dolgoruky and Vlas
~ The Monk
The Brothers Karamazov
~ Mitya Karamazov
~ Grushenka
~ The Prosecutor and the Lawyer
~ Cathedral of renewed Christianity
~ Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov
~ The Inquisitor and Dmitry’s confession to the Elder
~ Another portrait
~ Zosima
~ The Church of St. George
~ The streets of Staraya Russa
IV. Dostoevsky’s Ideographic Writing
~ Painter and Man of Letters
~ Dostoevsky’s Physiognomy
~ Portrait Philosophy
~ The Portrait in Graphics and Text
~ Gothic Hieroglyphs and Petersburg Architecture
~ Dostoevsky’s Calligraphic Writing
~ Dostoevsky’s Narrative Ecphrasis
List of Abbreviations
List of Illustrations
Analytic Index


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Konstantin Baršt




Lemma Press






Stefano Aloe


Stephen Charles Frauzel


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