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Turandot, The cold-hearted princess

Nina Tanzi

Nina Tanzi, Turandot, The cold-hearted princess (cover)


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compra _Turandot_


An exciting fairy tale takes you by the hand. It takes you to the exotic East, where Princess Turandot is unsympathetically attending the execution of her last, unlucky suitor. But look, another one is coming and he must pass a test. Who will have the courage to follow him? The narrative flavour of the fairy tale takes the reader by the hand and leads them through the theatrical opening scene of the opera, into the story of the frosty-eyed princess and her 'victorious' hero.


«Imagine. / Imagine a winding path / up in the mountains / where a raging river flows…»


Scheda libro
Titolo Turandot, The cold-hearted princess
Autrice Nina Tanzi
Illustratore Andrea Pulcini
Traduttore Stephen Frauzel
ISBN 9788899375195
Anno 2017
Copertina Rigida
Formato 23 x 32 x 1 cm
Pagine 36
Peso 550 g
Nota Con CD audiolibro e arie


compra _Turandot_